Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the blue register box on the top right of the screen.
The properties we advertise are provided by Housing Associations who operate in Trafford. By law, we have to check that you are eligible to apply for housing. We also have to make sure we allocate tenancies fairly. By registering, we have the information we need to make sure that those who have the greatest need are given priority for housing, in accordance with government guidance.
We aim to process your application and to have emailed you a response back within 5 working days. If you have elected to receive letter by post, your written correspondence may take a little longer to reach you. Some customers may be asked to prove their eligibility for UK assistance and recourse to public funds, if this is the case will not be able to process your application until we receive the requested documentation. If you want to check the status of your application please contact HOST on 0161 912 5513.
If you have a medical reason for needing to move please select this reason on the reasons for moving page of your housing application. This will trigger the medical questions and enable you to include details of your medical condition in your application. If we need any further information, we will get in touch with you to discuss the type of supporting information we require. Doctors can charge you for a letter, please do not ask your Doctor to write to us unless we request this information.
A band is a way of identifying people by housing circumstances and needs.

Band 1

  • Homeless Households owed a full homeless duty under section 193(2) or 195(2) of The Homelessness Act 2002 as amended by the Homelessness Reduction Act 2012.
  • Emergency Medical, disability or welfare.
  • Exceptional circumstances/need to move.
  • Release adapted property
  • Statutory Overcrowded.
  • Move on from approved supported accommodation.
  • Care Leaver.
  • Foster Carers and Adopters.
  • Insanitary or unfit property.
  • Former or current members of the armed forces, bereaved spouses and civil partners of members of the Armed Forces.

Band 2

  • Applicants who are owed the Relief Duty.
  • Applicants who are owed the Prevention Duty (after 28 days and active contribution to the Personal Housing Plans).
  • Applicants overcrowded by the Bedroom standard.
  • Applicants under occupying by 2 or more bedrooms.
  • Medical grounds.
  • Former or current members of the armed forces, bereaved spouses and civil partners of members of the Armed Forces.

Band 3

  • Applicants owed the Homeless Prevention Duty.
  • Applicants aged 55 and over.
  • Under occupying by one bedroom.
  • Former or current members of the armed forces, bereaved spouses and civil partners of members of the Armed Forces.

Band 4

  • Trafford Positive Community Criteria.
  • Former or current members of the armed forces, bereaved spouses and civil partners of members of the Armed Forces.

Band 5

  • Applicants who would have been owed reasonable preference but whose priority has been down banded according to the Policy for rent arrears, behaviour, no local connection, savings, equity or earning.
  • Applicants who have no recognisable housing need and do not meet the Trafford Positive Community Criteria.
All ex-Armed Forces applicants in housing need will be assessed and awarded addition priority as appropriate (the next band up).
Read the Trafford Allocations Policy first and see what we take into account when we assess your priority. If you still think your priority band is incorrect, then contact HOST on 0161 912 5513 to discuss your application further.
To be able to bid on a property, you will need to be registered, know your email address and password and details of the property you are interested in. Once we have registered your application, we will send you an acknowledgement of your application and you will be able to log into your account using your email address and password. You will be able to reset your password or change it if you forget it by using the links on the 'Sign In' page. If you find this difficult, please contact HOST on 0161 912 5513 for assistance. You can then express an interest in available properties by using this website or by telephoning HOST on 0161 912 5513. If you struggle with accessing the internet please speak to the team about Auto Bids.
Properties are advertised on this website, you will have the facility to set up property alerts and customers without any internet access all will have the option to telephone in to make enquiries or to set up an “auto bid” function on their account.
You can bid on any property; however preference will be given to members whose requirements match the property type and size. If a member has refused two reasonable offers of a property within three months they will be down banded for twelve months.
You can bid between 10am Wednesday to midnight the following Sunday, but only once per property and on a maximum of 3 properties per cycle.
Successful members will be contacted by the property landlord and given the chance to view the property. You will be able to see your final position in your bid history on the web.
Yes, if you are currently living in settled or permanent accommodation in Trafford or have been for 6 of the last 12 months or 3 out of the last 5 years then you will be awarded additional preference due to having a local connection to the borough of Trafford.
Yes, when you bid for a property online you will be told how many other bids there have been for each property you have placed a bid on. This can be found on your "My Account" page for the last 5 bids you have placed or by clicking on the "my previous bids" link. You will also see your "rank" this is an indication of where you are in the queue, so position 1-5 will mean you are somewhere between 1st and 5th in the queue. Please be aware that your rank can change as more people place their bids because people may place a bid whom have a higher priority or whom have been waiting longer.
Your new landlord will advise you of your new rights before you are asked to accept a property. You should check with the new landlord about any particular tenancy rights that you may be concerned with.
The policy regarding anti-social behaviour is in the interests of encouraging sustainable communities. Members may be excluded from the statutory register but each member will be considered individually following a thorough investigation. Members will have the right to appeal such a decision and will be treated equally with other members.
Yes. If you are interested in a private rented home, help maybe available to pay a deposit if you qualify through the Trafford Bond Scheme (TBS) please contact HOST for further information.
If you require specialist help this may be available from our Housing Options Service Team.
Text notifications are used for us to let you know if a property you have bid for is removed from a cycle before it ends and you are in the top 10 ranking.


SMS services also allow you to place bids and withdraw them using your mobile by sending us an SMS message.


We will hold your number in confidence, and never sell your number to a third party and we will never use your number for marketing or advertising purposes.

The mutual exchange register is an innovative way of finding a new home where you can swap homes with another social tenant. Use a tenancy exchange website to help find another tenant to swap with. The most common sites are: Homeswapper, House Exchange and Exchange Locata.
When you have proof of your pregnancy provide this to any of the partner offices to add the unborn baby to your application. Once this has been provided and added to your application, 12 weeks before the baby is due is when this will take effect to your application.
Visit our Contact Us page for more information.
Once the bidding closes, staff at the organisation that own the property, will start to process the shortlist. If you're at the top of the list, then they will contact you to discuss an offer. This will normally happen within 2 weeks of the shortlist closing.
A Registered Provider can be a Housing Association, Trust or Private Organisation that offers affordable homes and is registered with the Homes England/Regulator of Social Housing.
There are some people who are not eligible to be included on the housing register. These are: Certain people who are subject to Immigration Control under the 1996 Asylum and Immigration Act. Certain people from abroad who are not subject to immigration control but who are not habitually resident in the UK, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland. People (including members of their household) who have been guilty of unacceptable behaviour that makes them unsuitable to be a tenant.
You may be asked to provide: - Evidence of your right to reside in the UK if you are not a British Citizen (e.g. passport & other relevant Home Office documentation) - Additional documentation to support your housing need All documents provided must NOT be originals, but must be up-to-date copies and valid. Before you are offered a property you may also need to provide additional evidence to support your application. The landlord making the offer will advise you about which documents to provide and when to provide them. PLEASE DO NOT PROVIDE DOCUMENTATION UNLESS YOU ARE SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR IT. SENDING IN INFORMATION WE DONT REQUEST WILL OFTEN COST YOU MONEY IN POSTAGE AND DELAY THE PROCESSING OF APPLICATIONS.
If someone in your household has a medical condition which is being made worse by their current accommodation, you need to make this clear on your application so that our housing providers can take account of your needs when you are offered a property. See the question above about doctor's letters.
It is important that you tell us of any changes to your circumstances so that your application can be amended, you can do this online, via your login. After you submit a change of circumstances form you will not be able to bid on vacant homes whilst we reconsider your eligibility and priority. This delay should be no longer than 5 working days.
This is covered in Part 5 of the Trafford Allocations Policy You can email your request to